King Saud University

King Saud University

Brief Description

King Saud University (KSU) is a leading institution of higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that was established in 1957 to enhance the nation’s growth and well-being. Through strong government support and many highly-qualified professionals and administrators, KSU has served as a traditional source of skilled professionals and academics needed to meet the nation’s growing needs in the areas of medicine, engineering, agriculture, science and development, the humanities and language.

KSU does not limit its roles to teaching and research, however, but extends its practical and vital academic functions to the development of Saudi health care and the needs of the private sector.

KSU seeks to provide students with a quality education, conduct valuable research, serve the national and international societies and contribute to Saudi Arabia’s knowledge society through learning, creativity, the use of current and developing technologies and effective international partnership. KSU is committed to promoting individual and institutional leadership roles, which drive social development, professionalism, responsibility, and innovation. Collaboration and cooperation are recognized as necessary means of attaining excellence.

Campuses and Locations

Four Campuses, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Number of Academic Staff


Library Collections

909,660 Titles located in 2,117,229 volumes. 709,881 Titles of Arabic and foreign books, located in 1,685,079 volumes.