University of Colombo

University of Colombo

Brief Description

As the pioneering seat of learning with a proud history of 150 years, the University of Colombo excels in higher education, embracing modern and innovative approaches to teaching, research and service to the community. The University of Colombo nurtures a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious student and staff population fostering social harmony, cultural diversity, equal opportunity and unity. The University’s strategic location in the heart of Colombo affords the student population all the advantages of a metropolitan university, with easy access to international resource centres, libraries, theatres, sports complexes, including a wide range of cultural, entertainment and business facilities.

The University of Colombo has nine faculties, a campus, seven affiliated institutes and a school, centres and units with more than sixty academic departments offering many undergraduate and postgraduate study courses in the fields of Arts, Science, Medicine, Management, Finance, Law, Education, Nursing, Information Technology and Aesthetic Studies. The University also offers several other services, including library services, career guidance, and services for differently-abled students.

The University of Colombo was ranked 1st among Sri Lankan universities during July 2020 in the Webometrics Rankings and SCIMAGO Institutions Ranking for the year 2020. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed the University of Colombo within the 1001+ universities among 1400 universities in 92 countries. Additionally, the University ranks among 601+ universities among 775 universities in clinical, pre-clinical and health subject categories.

Campuses and Locations

No. 94, Cumaratunga Munidasa Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka    

Number of Academic Staff

847 (Professors 155, Senior Lecturers 434, Lecturers 258)

Library Collections

Over 250,000 books, online repositories, 45 scholarly journals