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Want to study in Asia's leading universities? Come and join us, AUA Online Education Fair 2022!

Here is a simple 4-step guide to help you quickly find the right way of exploring the fair.

1. Register for the Fair

Please register by filling up the registration slip of the webpage of the AUA Online Education Fair. Kindly indicate the programs and the universities that you are interested in. Once registered, your name and email will be shared with the universities you selected, who may include you in their emailing list and update you with the relevant admissions information via email.

2. Browse the Admission Information of Your Dream Universities

Prior to joining the live admissions sessions, you are encouraged to view the admissions information of your dream universities on our website, where you could find the most updated admissions information provided by the university admissions offices, including the programs open for international students, tuition fees, financial aid, accommodation, living expenses and the contact of the respective universities.

3. Mark on Your Calendar the Live Recruitment Events that You Are Interested in

There will be more than 30 student recruitment events live. Undergraduate programs will be presented on September 24 (Sat) and 25 (Sun) while the sessions on Oct 8 (Sat) and 9 (Sun) will focus on postgraduate programs. Take a note of the date and time of the sessions that interest you and mark them on your calendar. You may click the link of a session and watch it live in your browser.

4. Download the ClassIn (App or PC Client) and Interact with Admissions Officers for Free

If you wish to interact with the admissions officers during the fair, click the button “Join” on the live page of a specific admissions session (e.g., like the undergraduate programs of Tsinghua University), follow the instructions to download the ClassIn App or PC Client and join the virtual booths, then you can chat with the admissions officers during the live sessions.

We wish you a wonderful journey at the AUA Online Education Fair!

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