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1. What is AUA?

The Asian Universities Alliance (AUA) is a university alliance comprising 15 member universities across Asia. Founded in 2017, through its platform AUA aims to cooperatively address regional and global challenges relating to higher education as well as economic, scientific and technological development. Each year, AUA holds a variety of programs that promote student mobility, research collaboration, and the sharing of university strategies and policies among its member universities. More information about AUA can be found from our official website: www.asianniversities.org.

2. The 15 Member Universities of AUA

University Name

Main Campus Location

Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)

Bangkok, Thailand

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong, China

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Mumbai, India

King Saud University

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

National University of Singapore


Nazarbayev University

Astana, Kazakhstan

Peking University

Beijing, China

Seoul National University

Seoul, South Korea

Tsinghua University

Beijing, China

United Arab Emirates University

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Universitas Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

University Malaya

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

University of Colombo

Colombo, Sri Lanka

The University of Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

University of Yangon

Yangon, Myammar

3. About AUA Online Education Fair 2022

This is the second year that all AUA member universities host a joint education fair. From the official website of the fair, you could find the most up to date admissions information and video clips provided by the admissions offices of all the 15 leading Asian universities. Another highlight of the fair is a series of more than 30 live recruitment events delivered by provosts and admissions officers of the 15 universities, who will introduce the latest admissions policy for international students, application process, and the featured academic programs. Audience is also encouraged to join the virtual booths we set up and interact with the admissions officers.

4. Who Is the Target Audience of the Fair?

  • Students who plan to apply for undergraduate or postgraduate programs at the 15 universities this year or next year

  • Students who are interested in Asian universities

  • Parents / teachers / education officers who are interested in Asia’s higher education

5. How to Join the Fair?

Kindly refer to the notice “A Simple 4-Step Guide to Explore the Fair!” for detailed instructions.

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