The Board is the governing body of the Alliance. The Board consists of Chief Executives from member institutions.

The Board currently has 15 Chief Executives.

Former Board Members >

  •   Mohammed ALBAILI, United Arab Emirates University

  •   Badran A. ALOMAR, King Saud University

  •   Muhammad ANIS, Universitas Indonesia

  •   Tony F. CHAN, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  •   Lakshman DISSANAYAKE, University of Colombo

  •   Bundhit EUA-ARPORN, Chulalongkorn University

  •   Makoto GONOKAMI, The University of Tokyo

  •   Abdul Rahim HASHIM, Universiti Malaya

  •   Shigeo KATSU, Nazarbayev University

  •   Pho KAUNG, University of Yangon

  •   Devang KHAKHAR, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

  •   LIN Jianhua, Peking University

  •   Se-Jung OH, Seoul National University

  •   QIU Yong, Tsinghua University

  •   Mohd. Hamdi Abd. SHUKOR, Universiti Malaya

  •   Wei SHYY, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  

  •   SUNG Nak-in, Seoul National University

  •   TAN Chorh Chuan, National University of Singapore

  •   WANG Xiqin, Tsinghua University

  •   Chandrika WIJEYARATNE, University of Colombo


The Presidency institution is elected by the Board, serving for a term of three years, renewable for one more term. The Chief Executive of the Presidency serves as the President of AUA. The Presidency 2023-2026 is held by United Arab Emirates University. The AUA President is Prof. Ghaleb Ali AlHadrami AlBreiki, Acting Vice Chancellor of United Arab Emirates University.


The Executive Presidency is held for a term of one year and is elected by the Board. The Executive Presidency 2023-2024 is held by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The Executive President 2023-2024 is Professor Nancy IP, President of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


As determined by the Board at the AUA Board Meeting 2019, the AUA Secretariat is hosted permanently by Tsinghua University. The Secretariat is responsible for hosting the AUA Summit, implementing Board decisions, facilitating AUA activities, planning the budget, and fundraising.

AUA Secretary

Dr. ZHANG Chuanjie


Dr. Muna Bufaroosha


Ms. FANG Yanhua, Chief Administrator

Ms. WANG Yaqian, Senior Administrator (Policy & Programs)

Ms. HAN Zhuoluo, Administrator (Finance & Programs)

Ms. Alena SHISH, Affiliate Administrator