Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities


Breeze Fund

Tsinghua University (THU) has recently set up the 'Breeze Fund' to encourage and support its faculty to initiate joint research on COVID-19 with international partners. The research areas may include but are not limited to COVID-19-related clinical treatments, medicines, vaccines, testing technologies and products, virology and epidemiology, animal models, mental health, bio-safety, public health and emergency response systems, etc. Please note, the research grant provided by THU can be used only to cover expenses of international travel to China and research-related fees incurred in China.

Interested researchers from AUA universities are encouraged to contact potential THU collaborators directly or through their related department websites. The applications shall be submitted by THU faculty to the THU Institute of Scientific Research Development by 30 September 30 2020. Therefore, collaborations should be confirmed before the aforementioned date. Applications with matching funds will be preferred.

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