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AUA Staff Exchange Program

Since the onset of the Asian Universities Alliance in April 2017, increasing mobility and enhancing exchanges between member universities has been at the forefront of the AUA mission. AUA strongly advocates for meaningful and frequent exchanges between staff members to boost prospects of cooperation and deepen understanding of existing programs as well as operational and managerial procedures between member institutions. In order to propel the mission forward, the AUA Staff Exchange Program (AUASEP) was developed as a mobility program specifically for the staff of AUA member universities. Investing in staff plays a pivotal role in the success of educational institutions’ adaptation to new global trends. The AUASEP was launched in 2018 to enhance communication between staff of AUA member universities through a week-long immersive visit at another AUA member institution or the AUA Secretariat. These visits help provide a platform for exchanging best practices, enriching knowledge, and improving coordination and mutual understanding between and among AUA members.

How to Apply

1. General Information

a) All AUA members and the AUA Secretariat are encouraged to invite and send out Exchange Staff.

b) The host shall be an AUA member university or the AUA Secretariat.

c) This program provides financial support to a maximum of 15 Exchange Staff. The quota will be shared by all members and the Secretariat.

d) Each Exchange Staff shall visit the host office/department for a minimum of 5 working days.

e) Each Exchange Staff will be awarded a total of 1,500 USD grant in the form of stipend or reimbursement of visit expenses.

f) Each Exchange Staff will receive a certificate after the visit.

2. Benefits to Member Universities

This program aims to enhance communication between staff of the AUA members. Through this program, AUA members could:

a) have a better understanding of the programs, operations and management of other member universities;

b) have a better understanding of the AUA Programs and the operation of the AUA Secretariat;

c) better implement joint programs or projects with other member universities;

d) develop more opportunities of cooperation within AUA.

3. Eligibility of AUA Exchange Staff

This program is open to applicants who meet the following requirements:

a) Applicants must be employed as full-time administrative staff of an AUA member or the Secretariat.

b) Applicants shall visit the host office/department for a minimum of 5 working days (excluding arrival and departure days).

c) Applicants shall have a detailed visit plan which is approved by their employer and the host.

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Yerbolat Assylbek

Home: Nazarbayev University, Office of the Provost

Host: United Arab Emirates University, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Date of Visit: 1-12 Sep 2019

“The trip to UAEU was valuable in terms of new perspectives, ideas and valuable experience gained. My main focus was to learn how the Institutional Research Unit functions and operates and I had a chance to see an overall picture of UAEU and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.”

Tin Yan Michelle Ma

Home: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Student Housing and Residential Life Office

Host: Seoul National University, Gwanak Residence Halls’ Office

Date of Visit: 25-29 Nov 2019

“Even though there are cultural differences between our universities which lead to different management styles, the missions and values of our offices are almost the same. I gained a better understanding of various aspects of student halls management including planning, cooperation between student leaders and staff, cultural exchange and environmental policies, etc.”

Hrushikesh Nagwekar

Home: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Dept. of Biosciences and Bioengineering

Host: Universiti Malaya, International Relations Office

Date of Visit: 24-28 Jun 2019

“The main objectives of the visit were to become familiar with the teaching and research laboratories, to explore high end instrumentation and to learn and share experience on the administration of laboratories. The visits to various centers and facilities broadened my knowledge, provided me with necessary experience of administration and a possible bridge for collaborative research work.”

Prabhakaran Ramasamy

Home: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Student Activity Center

Host: Nazarbayev University, Sports Complex Management

Date of Visit: 14-18 Oct 2019

“I was impressed by NU’s intent to go beyond their national borders in terms of sports research and training within their campus. The inclusive approach towards utilizing NU’s sports facilities and setting up of a sports research center are definitely take away points to help my own professional activities at IITB.”

AN DongHyeon

Home: Seoul National University, Library

Host: Tsinghua University, Library

Date of Visit: 28 Oct-3 Nov 2018

“I participated in the AUA Library Directors Dialogue and talked with other AUA library directors about further cooperation. Through the document delivery service agreement with THU Library, we have enhanced cooperation between our universities.”

Lui Ling (Linda) Cheng

Home: National University Singapore, Global Relations Office

Host: AUA Secretariat

Date of Visit: 5-9 Nov 2019

“The program was immensely beneficial in deepening my understanding of alliance management. I also visited THU’s Office of International Affairs offices of Global Partnerships, Study Abroad and general administration. I also had the opportunity to deliver a presentation about NUS. These meetings were a great way to establish greater mutual understanding about our institutions.”

Chai Kun (Judy) Choong

Home: Universiti Malaya, International Office

Host: AUA Secretariat

Date of Visit: 15-19 Oct 2018

“As the person-in-charge of managing UM’s participation in this alliance, it presented an opportunity for me to get a better picture about the ways other member universities have been participating in the alliance and to evaluate how UM can enhance its participation in this network.”

Arnab Das (right)

Home: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Office of Dean International Relations

Host: Universiti Malaya, International Relations Office

Date of Visit: 10-14 Dec 2018

“My visit was very fruitful in terms of learning, practical experience and networking. We discussed academic cooperation between our universities and agreed to sign bilateral agreements on academic and student exchanges.”