University Administration

University Administration Meetings

AUA supports University Administration Meetings (UAMs) with the purpose of encouraging 

member universities to enhance communications on the best practices for university administration. 

UAMs provide a platform for dialogues between the senior management as well as other levels of

administrative staff of member universities.

  • AUA Online Education Conference at Tsinghua University

    The 2019 AUA Online Education Conference was held at Tsinghua University from the 5th to 6th of July. More than 20 delegates from Chulalongkorn University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Tech...

  • AUA Graduate Education Forum at Tsinghua University - Collaborations and Innovations in Graduate Education

    The AUA Graduate Education Forum (AUAGEF) was jointly proposed by Chulalongkorn University, Tsinghua University and Universitas Indonesia, and was held at Tsinghua University on 18 November 2018. The event was attended by 28 participants from 12 AUA member universities. AUAGEF participants work in the management of graduate schools and programs in their respective institutions.The purpose of AU...

  • AUA Library Directors Dialogue at Tsinghua University

    Delegates of the Library Directors Dialogue at Tsinghua UniversityThe AUA Library Directors Dialogue (LDD) took place at Tsinghua University on 1-2 November 2018. LDD aims to establish collaboration between AUA member libraries through the Document Delivery Service (DDS). DDS provides a platform for the sharing of library literature resources and promotes regional and cultural exchange and coop...