AUA Online Education Network Holds First Meeting

Date: 2023-09-28

On Sept 15, the AUA Online Education Network held its inaugural meeting online, with 20 participants representing 13 top universities across Asia.

Peng Gang, Tsinghua University's Vice President and Provost, delivered an opening speech, while the meeting was chaired by Wang Xiaoxiao, Director of Tsinghua's Online Education Center.

In his opening remarks, Peng warmly welcomed the university representatives. He underscored that the alliance, established by Tsinghua University in 2017, unites 15 member universities from 14 countries and regions, highlighting collaboration spirit in Asian higher education.

Peng recognized the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which is reshaping various fields. He outlined three expectations for the newly established online education network within the alliance. First, leveraging digital tools to enhance teaching methods and the overall quality of education, through initiatives such as global classrooms and student competitions. Second, facilitating the exchange of teaching staff to enhance their digital skills. Third, creating a platform for member universities to foster communication and idea exchange. This would involve organizing seminars and expert dialogues aimed at exploring the integration of AI and education.

Several collaborative initiatives were proposed, including dialogues among digital education experts, classrooms integrating global students, faculty development programs, and contests for digital learners.

During discussions, participants delved into the content and significance of these projects. They emphasized the need to improve teaching methods, enhance educators' digital competencies, and establish effective communication platforms. All participants agreed on the critical role of AI in higher education and expressed the hope for increased collaboration to drive digital transformation and elevate the quality of higher education across Asia.

(Source: Tsinghua University News)